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Is there an attempt to keep our consciousness & our self-development at a low flame?

We humans and our environment, we are exposed to many influences – natural and artificial.

E-smog, TV, 5G, Montauk, chemtrails, HAARP, artificial viruses, nanoparticles … are our visible & invisible – and mostly unwanted – companions.

These technologies consist of numerous information clusters that have a strong influence on body, mind and soul. Unfortunately, the information contents mostly elude our conscious access.

The „senders“ of these messages and their motives seem to be mostly directed to keep the human being as a part of the matrix (slave): performance, adaptation, work in the wheelwork, savings contract, fear …

If now pictures of the Orwell state appear, this is exactly what is meant.

Now the good news: We can become active ourselves and create more positive effects. We can do even more for ourselves and our freedom!

I have the feeling that it is very urgent to use the Aquadea vortex-buster technique (see below) on a broad front now. Especially as it seems that the „influence“ has been enormously increased in the last months.

Concretely: We build „together“ a simple Cloud-Buster with original Wilhelm Reich – bases and combine it with an Aquadea Implosion Vortex-Shower or an Aquadea Trinity water vortex.

The purpose of this installation:

The attention is not directed here to a strong influence of the weather, but to an undisturbed, harmonious, balanced & healing space, which we create here. In this room the weather can normalize. There will be no more hail. This torus field resolves stagnation: natural or artificial. And weather can happen again.
If you stand right next to the running system, you will often feel a relief from physical problems. And a lighter, freer mental space. Influences are greatly weakened by the Torus Field. The healing effect of an Aquadea Implosion Crystal Vortex Shower is greatly enhanced and extended.

The basic construction of the Aquadea Cloud Touch installation is as follows:

Running water, grounding, magnetic tube, man. This, combined with the Aquadea Crystal Vortex technology, makes such a simple construction so enormously effective. It brings a strong harmonization and calm free space and even more surprises.

The effect of the implosion-vortex-technology is extended in a short time into several kilometers height.
Nature-beings come back or visit. Rejoice.

Please do not use copper tubes. And please note: most of the gutter tubes currently available in the DIY market are non-magnetic. We are therefore now taking the pipes from the oven department, these are magnetic. If you are not sure: ask a member of staff at the hardware store for a magnet and test it.
Thinner steel tubes (e.g. 1/2″ – 1″) can also be used. Gladly also bundled. Separated by a board with holes where the tubes are put through.
A pipe should be at least 3 meters long. And stand with one end in water. And be smooth and clean inside. The inside is more important than the outside of the pipe.

Probably there are almost infinite variations of the construction.

Facilities to influence people are unnatural. (e.g. Haarp) They need a lot of energy to go against nature, man and his reason. And they need a lot of money.

If we work in a natural way, then we can achieve a lot together with very little effort.


We build our own…

Used ..:

Water barrel (from approx. 70l, metal or plastic)
Aquadea vortex device
Iron/steel pipe or several pipes – the pipes should not touch each other at the top. In the barrel at the bottom it is ok.
undeveloped areas with grass or soil for grounding
possibly thick copper cable as additional grounding
running water (garden hose) – more than 5 Liters per Minute – necessary for enough grounding

Launch Aquadea Vortex Cloud Touch …

Attach the vortex shower to the garden hose and hang it in a barrel filled with water. Inside the water or spray on the water.
Water overflows, water jet touches the ground – grounding is done.
Place the pipe(s) in the barrel (at an angle) – see picture above.
Pipe points towards the open sky. Not on buildings. Not on power lines.

It is helpful …

to be barefoot.
Water in the barrel may be touched – is very high-energy. Dip your hands into it.
Stand next to it and allow this ordering process to take place on your own body: Very healing, regenerating.
Do not stand under the sloping pipe, i.e. please do not stand on the side of the barrel to which the sloping pipe is pointing. – However, it is sometimes very pleasant just there: try it out!

Signs that the system is working:

A fine wind is coming up. (Orgon wind)
More birds appear, especially swallows, which fly very high.
Pleasant showers go through your body and black helicopters appear (rather seldom).

UFOs crash – sometimes. But only the cheaper models from Andromeda.

Attention:  If you build this construction without Aquadea vortex technique, please handle the metal tube only with insulated rubber gloves! The neutralizing effect of the Aquadea technology is then missing and without gloves it can lead to the withdrawal of vital energy.

Help getting rain

To get the rain, the pipe must first point in the direction where clouds and moisture are in the air – and then be moved slowly in the direction where it is dry – i.e. slowly draw in the moisture. Rubber gloves should be worn when pulling, i.e. when moving the pipe. Because of the load. For cloud pulling, it is also possible to make a stand with wood, which is mounted so that it can be moved and the process is easier. Sometimes several hours are necessary to get movement.

To increase the efficiency, several tubes can be used in parallel. Even longer tubes can be helpful. However, they must be straight and clean and smooth inside. And magnetic. Wilhelm Reich built such batteries – and unfortunately he did not have implosion vortex technology at that time:


After a while the clouds change: they get a very fine structure.

Here is the music that should be played during construction.  Kate Bush sings the story of Wilhelm Reich.

The construction shown in the video is not functional. But it looks cool.

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